Step 4: Marketing Your Home

Consideration of Current Market Conditions for your home:

  1. Are home prices in your area trending upwards or downwards?
  2. Are homes selling quickly or languishing?
  3. Will your home be on the market in the spring home-buying season or the dead of winter?
  4. What are current interest rates for mortgages?
  5. Will you be selling in a Buyers or a Sellers market?
  6. Is the local job market strong or are employees fearful of staff reductions?
  7. How motivated are you for a quick sale?
  8. Is it necessary for you as Seller to provide “incentives” such as a “pre-home sale” inspection, Home Buyers Warranty, financing assistance, Selling Agent bonuses? Many of these factors will be weighed in the First Step in marketing you Home – STEP 3 Determining the Listing Price.

Setting the Stage to Sell your Home:

Consider what you look for when looking for a home to purchase – Visual appearance, odors and noise all factor into your impression. Imaging yourself walking up to your home as though for “the first time”:

  • What do you notice?
  • How do you feel about what you see?
  • Is the home inviting?
  • Is the home well-maintained?
  • Would you be inclined to buy this home?

Methods used in Selling of your Home:

  1. List your Home with the MLS.
  2. Prepare Virtual Tour of your home for use on our website and other National websites.
  3. Prepare marketing materials about your home.
  4. Distribute the marketing materials.
  5. Notify your neighborhood about your home.
  6. Hold Open Houses as appropriate.
  7. Cooperate with ALL Real Estate Agents.
  8. Providing yard signs and Brochure boxes in your front yard.
  9. Advertise home: media and frequency depends on property and market.
  10. Prepare Property Profile report to be available to Buyers as they visit Home.

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