History of The Glen’s

The Glen Creighton neighborhood, nicknamed “The Glens” is located between Wadsworth and Kipling, and bounded by West Colfax and West 20th with its neighboring subdivisions of Norwood and Beverly Heights. The lovely neighborhood of Kawanee sits directly to the north, reaching 26th Ave. Glen Creighton consists of roomy irregularly shaped lots on Scottish named streets— Glen Moor, Glen Gyle, Glen Ayr, and Glen Shietl.

In 1923, Cyrus J. Creighton paid $32,000 for 80 acres of farmland on West Colfax. At the time, Colfax was the only paved street and encouraged people to live in the country suburbs and commute to jobs in Denver. It was the main route to the mountains for tourists who stopped at filling stations, cafes, court motels, and fresh produce stands.

Envisioning a distinctive enclave, Creighton subdivided the farmland and hired Denver’s leading landscape architect Saco R. DeBoer to design the neighborhood with curving tree-lined lanes surrounding the Glen Creighton Park. The Glen’s promised, “quiet, restful homes in a beautiful park, away from the smoke and dirt of the city.”

Glen Creighton grew with a few Tudor-style brick homes in the 1920s, but development languished during the Great Depression and World War II. Subsequent construction included houses of various sizes and designs that reflected Lakewood’s patchwork growth. The Glens neighborhood is now prized for its secluded, rural ambience, large lots, and its beautiful mixture of architectural styles, new and old. It feels like living in the mountains without the long commute to the city.

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